Tainan, also known as Fu Cheng , is an ancient culture capital. More than 10,000 years ago, indigenous community lived in tribes and developed 20~30 different cultures on this island. Among them, there is an indigenous tribe of Siraya culture in Tainan.After that, it’s ruled by several different regimes and governments over the time.

1624 AD. Taiwan was occupied by the Dutch. They built the oldest buildings in Tainan : Chikan Tower(赤崁樓) and Anping old Fort(安平古堡). It makes Tainan became one of commercial bases of VOC (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie). Besides, they also established the first modern “government” in Tainan.

1662 AD. Koxinga defeated the Dutch, began to manage local government affairs of Fu Cheng. He conveyed traditional Confucian culture and built the first Confucius Temple(台南孔廟). Koxinga asked soldiers to stay and live in Taiwan. And Fu Cheng became the capital of Taiwan officially. 

1683 AD. The Qing Dynasty attacked Penghu. After nearly two months of the war, Sinpouan (Koxinga’s grandson) was defeated and surrendered to the Qing Dynasty. After being incorporated into the territory of the Qing Dynasty, this island was changed the name to be “Taiwan”.At that time, Fucheng became the political and economic center and the most important port of Taiwan. And Lots of immigrants who originally lived on the coast of China came to settle in Taiwan.

Anping old Fort(安平古堡). Now
Photo From:台灣回憶探險團FB

Chikan Tower(赤崁樓). Now
Photo From:National Historic Monuments of Taiwan

1895 AD. The Qing Dynasty was defeated in the First Sino-Japanese War. Taiwan and Penghu are ceded to Japan. Although Taipei became the capital of Taiwan, the Japanese government  still planned to build lots of modernization construction in Tainan. 

1945 AD. Japan was defeated in World War II. The Japanese left Taiwan and the government of the ROC came to Taiwan, Tainan was gradually changed to the city we lived today.

People from different generations, countries and cultures are gradually integrating in Tainan. Let’s take a walk and explore Tainan to see the traces of people’s life during the time of the layers.

 Photo From:1752年  王必昌<重修臺灣縣志>臺灣縣城池圖