• The Spring (河樂廣場)

After World War II, land transportation gradually developed, and people no longer relied on canals for their daily lives. The two main rivers in the inner city of Tainan: Fu An Keng River and De Ching River are gradually being filled up. The accumulation of garbage has turned the canal into a smelly problem.

In 1980, the Tainan City Government began to renovate the canal from the cecum-part. They filled this part and built the Chinatown shopping mall. Chinatown, with its theaters, amusement parks and new shops, was a symbol of fashion and freshness for people in Tainan at that time.However, about 20 years later, the prosperous commercial area moved and the area around Chinatown slowly declined.

Chinatown (Photo from the Wiki)

In 2016, the government demolished Chinatown shopping mall and renovated the place. The Spring was designed by a Dutch design team based on the concept of an urban lagoon. The white pillars are the remains of Chinatown, and the underground water symbolizes the  cecum-part of the Anping Canal.

At sunset in The Spring, the river water reflects the yellow light, which is very beautiful. Highly recommended for a walk.

Photo from the Web

Photo from The Tainan City Government 

  • The integration of early and present life

Compared with other cities in Taiwan, Tainan has many ancient buildings and traces of life.Yamuliao Traditional Market, Shuixiangong Market, Yongle Market, and West Market are still popular among locals for daily shopping.The buildings on Shennong Street show the prosperity of  the Old Five Channels.

The historic sites, Dui Yue Gate, Confucius Temple, Chikan Tower and Anping old Fort…etc, are the symbolization of Tainan. Wusheng Night Market and Tainan Garden Night Market are the great places to visit in the evening.Each temple protects people from all over the world, past, present and future.

People from different generations, countries and cultures have left pieces of their lives in the streets, alleys, buildings, and the entire city. It’s worth to explore the pace of change. Let’s take some time to walk around and see Tainan behind the layers of times.