In the end of the 19th century, except the Xingangqiang Port, the other four channels gradually became unusable due to sedimentation. In Aug 1903, the old five channels were destroyed by the floods. At the same time, Taipei became the capital of Taiwan, and Tainan was no longer the politics and economics center.

However, Tainan remains the most important and modern city in south Taiwan.

  • Anping Canal (安平運河)

In 1922 AD, the Japanese government started the construction of the new canal to transport the fish-catch. This new canal is today’s Anping Canal.

The Anping Canal connected Anping and downtown. The easiest part of the canal was called cecum-part, where the Hele Square is located today. Several sailing and fishing companies were established around the cecum-part of the canal, such as: fish market, customs bureau, ice company. The new oparation of the Anping Canal has brought a new life for the people in Tainan.

At the cross of Huan He st. and Fu Qian rd., Xin Nan Bridge was called Black Bridge because it was built by sleeper and asphalt. Every June, the Tainan Dragon Boat Racing starts from this bridge and has a history of more than 200 years.Welcome to Tainan to watch the racing every June!

Photo from The Tainan City Government

cecum-part of the Anping Canal in 1960’s. Photo by 吳金淼.

  • Urban Plan

In the 20th century, the Japanese government demolished most of the city walls and built lots of roads and several roundabout.There are many famous buildings today were also built during this period.All these make Tainan a modern city in Taiwan.

The buildings that were remained today: 
1. Bao Mei Lou(寶美樓) : It’s located at the Si Men roundabout. It was the first restaurant of Taiwanese cuisine in Tainan.And it had also been a social occasion for dignitaries until 1970s. The building is rented by Donutes Cafe. There are some decoration details been retained on the 2nd 
floors until today.

2. Sih Chun Yuan(四春園) : One of the four famous gardens in Taiwan. It was rebuilt as a Superior hotel for dignitaries by the Japanese government. A part of the garden is the Tainan Wu Garden today.

Photos from The National Historic Monuments of Taiwan

3. Hayashi Department Store (林百貨) :  Built in 1932. It was also the first department store in Tainan. People used to call it “The fifth-floor building” because it was the highest building in Tainan. Inside the building, there was the first elevator in Tainan. Taking the old style elevator was thought to be a stylish experience, so there are many people would specially visit the Hayashi Department Store just for it.

It was bombed in 1945 and most of the buildings were damaged.It was completed renovations in 2014 and reopened to be the department store again .

4. Tang Te-chang Memorial Park(湯德章紀念公園) :It was also called the Tai Shou Park or the Min Sheng Roundabout. There are several buildings around the Tang Te-chang Memorial Park which were important government agencies. For example: National Museum of Taiwan Literature was the Tainan government office, Tainan Art Museum Building 1 was the Police Headquarters, and Tainan Judicial Museum was court.

Welcome to visit these historical buildings and see how they look today.